Basics of Writing an Essay

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In order to be Effective, Few Basic Guidelines should be Incorporate in to Writing an Essay

Writing an essay is a critical part in any study system whether its college, high school, university or in following a basic course in any subject. Therefore it is important to learn how to write an effective essay. The basic structure that you have to follow in essay writing is common to any type of essay. But many students find essay writing a difficult task due to many reasons such as not having appropriate information, difficulties in grammar and expressing their thoughts in words and etc.

However writing of essays can be made effective and less cumbersome if you follow the basic steps mentioned below;

• Define the context: If you are required to write an essay, more often your teacher or professor will define the certain parameters such as the length of the essay, Type of the essay, format of the title page, intended audience and etc of the essay for you.

• Choose a topic: often this too will be decided for you. Therefore it is very important to understand it properly and make sure you never deviate from the main core of the essay. However if you are given the chance to decide on the topic make sure you select the topic you are more interested or passionate about. This will make writing an essay easier.

• Gathering your information: Do not wait till the last minute to do research. Research should be carried well in advance. Additional information can be gathered by brainstorming, taking detailed notes, updating the facts regularly and etc.

• Plan your essay: You need to analyze the information and observe any patterns of the information. Then try to link the information available with the topic of the essay. You may also come up with the most suitable structure at this stage.

• Write the body of the essay first: Decide the main points and arguments of your essay and allocate one paragraph to express one point. If the essay is a short essay you can present both the point and its argument in one paragraph. Allow the points to flow from one paragraph to the other in a logical manner.

• Conclude your essay: A conclusion paragraph should be written to summarize the points discussed in the body of the essay and relate those points to the topic.

• Write the introduction: Now that you know the body paragraphs and the conclusion you are in a better position to tell the reader what exactly you are going to tell in your essay and what the essay is all about.

• Read through your essay: go through your essay to make sure all the points are arranged in a fine flow from line to line and paragraph to paragraph, highlight any grammatical errors so you can correct them in the final review.

• Final review: You cannot ever write a perfect essay right first time. Therefore at the final stage you have to correct the mistakes identified and do not hesitate to change the sequence of the essay.

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