Doing Well in Math GCSE Coursework

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Your Future Education Depends on Your Math GCSE Coursework

For any student doing their GCSE examination, along with English and science, math GCSE coursework is compulsory. Passing your GCSE Math subject is vital for students who wish to pursue careers in engineering, science and teaching and even for others, having this basic level qualification in math is almost an essential. Therefore, attending to the coursework component of the GCSE Math subject properly carry significant impact on a student’s future education progress.

What is Math coursework?
The name coursework can be derived as work done during the course of study. There are several types of coursework ranging from psychology coursework to AS Biology Coursework, A Level history coursework etc. Similarly, Math coursework will involve problem solving in one or many of the key areas of the subject. Doing this coursework is important as a certain percentage of the subject mark is derived from the coursework. Therefore, having a good knowledge of Math coursework and all that it entails will be beneficial for the student.

Difference between normal exams and GCSE math coursework:
The main difference between these two elements is that doing GCSE Coursework does not have to be done in an exam atmosphere where students are normally under pressure. These tasks are given a long time frame unlike the examinations. It is a laid back atmosphere where students are able to communicate with other students and refer materials to complete the work assigned. Students will have to work on a larger task than answer small questions for a text book. Students doing GCSE coursework will also have to come up with their own questions to comply with the task set by the coursework.

Types of math coursework GCSE
Algebraic Investigation – this type of mathematical investigations are given to students between the ages of 10 and 16. This improves the student’s capabilities of thinking and studying mathematical ideas.

Statistical Data Handling – this is the collection and interpretation of data. If you have done statistical coursework, then this type of math coursework will be easy to handle. These coursework may be completed under the supervision of an allocated tutor and students will be able to seek clarifications if needed.

What does it consist of?
Math coursework for the GCSE will test the student’s knowledge of common areas in mathematics, such as, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions and geometry and algebra as well.

Help with math coursework?
Helping is a normal human behaviour pattern; and students may seek coursework help in this sort of critical assignments as stakes are high and they cannot afford to fail. However, since this is an examination coursework, students must seek help mainly to get model answers and to come up with questions to suit the task. Once they receive the sample essays and coursework answers, they should study it on their own, understand it and then attempt the coursework. This will make sure that the student benefits from the learning experience while ensuring that he or she has answered the assignment question properly for their math GCSE coursework.
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