Sharpening Academic Essay Writing Skills

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Academic Essay Writing is an Important Aspect of Academic Career

Academic essay writing is an important part of high school and college coursework. Students are assigned academic essays as it will improve their writing skills, thinking skills as well as communication skills. When students are assigned with the task of writing these essays, they often find themselves wondering whether there is any special aspects to academic essays. Let us find out what it is and the main elements of academic essay writing.

What is an Academic Essay?
An academic essay is written on a specific topic and it will try and persuade the reader of something based on solid and sound evidence. There are three important elements to an academic essay. These are the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion.

• The introduction – Informs the reader as to what the essay is regarding. Keep in mind that this section of the academic essay is very crucial as it is the first impression the reader has of what is written. Therefore, the contents should be captivating. Having a good essay starter can make the entire essay very effective. Your introduction should have a sound thesis statement. This will inform the importance of the topic.

• Body – The thesis statement is further explained by the use of evidence in the body paragraphs. In order to persuade the reader with the author’s point of view, sound evidence should be utilized. These can be in the form of examples, illustrations, data, facts, testimonies, quotes, graphs and statistics which ever is applicable depending on the topics selected.

• Conclusion – This will bring the essay to a closure. You may summarize what has been stated previously in the introduction.

Main Elements of Academic Essay Writing
There are a few elements which make academic essay writing similar to dissertation writing.
• An academic essay should have an argument or a central theme. This is a necessity. Without and argument you essay will have no substance. Therefore, your essay should raise a question and try and solve it with appropriate information organized in a proper essay structure.

• The structure of your essay should be formal and well organized. Students are evaluated for their academic essay writing by the structure of the essay as well as the contents.

• The contents of the essay should be unique and proper essay writing techniques should be applied when writing an academic essay.

• All sources used should be cited in the correct format.

Questions Regarding Academic Essay Writing
In order to submit a first class academic essay, once the essay is written, students should question it. Here are a few questions which should be answered to ensure that your essay writing is up to standard.

• Is there any irrelevant information in my essay? Have I left out any relevant information?
• Have I answered the essay question?
• Have I included all the main points which should be addressed in the essay?
• Have I written it introduction clearly and logically?
• Have I included each separate point of my essay in different paragraphs?
• Does my conclusion summarize the main points of the essay?
• Is my essay coherent and logical?
• Is it free of spelling, punctuation and grammar errors?

These questions are just some which you should ask yourself once the essay is written. If your essay has answered these questions, it is safe to say that you have excelled in your academic essay writing.

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