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It Is Important to Know the Differences between Custom Essays UK and Custom Essay US

For most students writing their essays according to the specifications assigned by their tutors is challenging. Most of them have many pressing obligations which make it almost an impossible task for them to write a quality essay paper. Faced with such predicaments, many students choose to get their essays written by professionals who write as per the required standards. When a student orders an essay which will be especially written for him or her, it is a custom written essay, or simply put, a custom essay. If you are a student following British educational systems and British examinations, then coursework assignments must be done in UK style. Therefore they must order a custom essays UK  style. To do this, it is important for students to know the differences in the essay writing UK style and the US style of writing so that they will know if the writer assigned has written in US style or UK style.

Differences in UK and US English Language

A professional essay writer should have a sound understanding of the spelling and grammar differences when writing essays.

1. The American way of spelling certain words such as “savour” and “favour” are “savor” and “favor”. The omission of the letter “u” is very common in American spelling.

2. When speaking, the American way of saying “I’ve misplaced the pen” will be “I misplaced the pen”. The present perfect is used to express the action which has happened recently.

3. The same words have totally different meaning in the two languages. The Word “boot” for instance is the back of the car where luggage is placed in UK English, and the same word will mean a type of foot wear in American English.

4. There are instances when the meaning is the same and the words are different as well. Words such as “flat” and “apartment”, “postman” and ‘mailman”.

5. The prepositions will be different in some instances between American and British English. “He is in a team” will be the British way and “he is on a team” will be the American way.

There are many more differences which the student will have to be familiar with when getting a custom essay written in the UK style and it is important that the student be familiar with them so that if the writer has mistakenly included US English, the student will be able to identify them and get it corrected. is a custom writing service which is educated in the differences and similarities of custom essay UK style and US style. When you get your essay written by them you will be guaranteed of a high quality essay which will adhere to all aspects of the UK style of writing.