Using a College Application Essay Example

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College Application Essay Examples Provide Students with Valuable Guidance

When applying to colleges students often do not understand how to do so properly. When it comes to completing the college application essay, most students are at a loss as to what to be written. However it is a very important task which students must engage in with a proper knowledge. The essay writing experience gained during high school plays an important role in the writing of this essay effectively. However, before proceeding any further it is important that students go through a few college application essay examples as well.

Purpose of the Examples
A College admission essay reflects on the student who has written it. If you were to write your essay in a manner which portrays that you really do not care what happens, the admission board too will get the same impression of you. However, if you took great care and consideration in order to write the essay the Board will notice this as well. Referring to few examples of college application essays will;

• Provide the students on how to write the essay using the proper formatting and structure.

• Provide students with an idea as to how to ensure that their personality and uniqueness comes out in the essay.

• Provide the admission board with a demonstration of your essay writing skills.

• Through examples students are able to demonstrate their ability to organize their thoughts coherently.

• To help students to come up with good topic ideas for their essays.

How to Obtain Examples
There are many ways in which to obtain college application essay examples. These methods are all helpful in providing students to write better application essays. However, it should be kept in mind that the examples are to be used only as that, examples. They are not to be copied and submitted as your own.

• Online Sources – This is the most common method of obtaining examples. There are a number of essay writing services which offer students the ability to download any type of essay or peruse any type of essays. Some essay banks also include admission essays among their portfolio of essays. These essay samples provide students with a wealth of information. Students have to simply type in their requirements and they can refer to relevant example essays.

• The Library – This is the oldest method for obtaining examples. Any essay example including application essay examples can be found in these libraries. Unlike the internet where students will have to ensure that the example is not bogus or plagiarized, with a library example you can be assured it is authentic.

• Handbooks of Essay writing – Some essay writing hand books contain good samples of all types of essays. You can buy one such book for your reference.

Importance of Good Examples

If the college application essay examples are not up to standard, students unknowingly will write essays which are not up to standard as well. This could result in student’s application being rejected from the college of their choice. Therefore, it is important for students to ensure, when obtaining examples through online writing services, to check their reputation.

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